Previously on The Hills, Heidi begged for her job back and Audrina and Justin grew closer.

Audrina has lunch with Chiara and confides that Dino
(a friend) told her that Justin hooked up with Lauren and she doesn’t know what to do about it. She kind of faux-cries. It’s a little ridiculous.

Lauren talks to Lo about the rumor and Lauren is appalled that Audrina would even think she would do something like that. Plus, it’s Justin. Ew. He’s gross. Lauren is completely offended about Audrina calling her a slut and whatnot. She sarcastically says she was drawn in by his class, his charm and his personal hygiene. Heh heh. It’s no fun when you make the jokes for me, Lauren. LC says that unless Audrina apologizes for what she said, Lauren is done with the friendship.

House of Despair and Abuse. Holly comes over and Spencer calls her "Little Miss Traitor." He says Heidi doesn’t want to see her because she moved in with Lauren. Huh. Because it’s so crazy to find a place to crash when your sister and her abusive crazy boyfriend kick you out of their apartment. Spencer and his flesh-colored beard look unconcerned.

Lauren’s house. Audrina comes by, wearing a kicky beret, and Lauren is less than friendly. LC says she doesn’t want to talk about it if Audrina won’t treat her like a friend. She demands to know if Lauren hooked up with Justin and Lauren tries not to laugh. She asks Audrina to stop talking shit about her because it’s stupid. Audrina leaves.

Audrina’s house. Aud calls Justin and leaves a message for him that is very needy and ridiculous. She says his not calling her is freaking her out. It’s very Favreau-from-Swingers. The plinky-plunky strains of heartache play, but that just makes me gag a little.

Bolthouse. Holly comes to see Heidi and immediately trashes on her lack of office and having a cubicle instead. Yikes. Way to open the conversation, Holly. They talk in private in a hallway and Holly tells Heidi how hurt she was by being asked to leave. Heidi turns it back on herself by saying that Holly living with Lauren was so hurtful and whatnot. Holly says the problem is Spencerr. She says he pushes people away and uses his not telling Heid about Holly coming over the other day as an example. Yes, he does! He’s possessive and crazy.

Audrina and Justin meet up. She brings up Lauren and Justin is flabbergasted that she’d think he’d hook up with Lauren. He says if she doesn’t believe him, he doesn’t know what to tell him. He does say that she cannot talk to him in the way she did in the phone messages. He drops f-bombs and whatnot as an example. He says he would never speak to her that way, which I personally don’t believe.

Justin ends up pointing out to Audrina that both him and Lauren have assured her that they aren’t hooking up and yet she won’t let it go. He finally says he has to go, get away from her crazy. Um, where did this come from? Why do we not see the episode where she hears this news? I hate that we miss stuff and then random drama seems to come out of nowhere.  Booo.

Maison Midi Cafe. Lauren meets Stephanie and bitches about Audrina for awhile. It’s our requisite exposition scene of the week. Steph says she already knows and Lauren says that Audrina is crazypants. Stephanie points out that Justin has hooked up with Audrina’s friends and Lauren says that she and Aud are meeting that night at Winston’s. She’s worried they won’t come back from this.

Blonde House. Heidi complains about her work and having a cubicle instead of an office. Spencer snickers and she gets her hackles raised. She asks if he ran into anyone and he says no, but she knows Holly came by and storms off.

Aud’s house. Casey is back, yay! They talk about Justin and Lauren and Audrina says she’s ready to talk to Lauren. Casey thinks Audrina should apologize, but Audrina doesn’t think so. Casey advises them all to "grow up." I LOVE CASEY!

Winston’s. Lauren and Lo trash Audrina, saying she’s gone around town running her mouth about LC and Justin for a week. Audrina tries to say that she never accused Lauren, but Lauren is insulted and hurt and feels accused. Lauren asks Audrina what she could’ve done that would make Audrina think she’d hook up with Justin. Audrina says that they’ve flirted before and Lauren responds that Justin is disgusting. Justin disgusts her. Amen, sister! Lauren says that Audrina is worse than Heidi because she knows her and knows she wouldn’t do something like this. Lauren cries and Audrina leaves. Lo hugs Lauren. Oh the drama!

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