heidi kristin lauren 'The Hills': Kristin Cavallari on Heidi Montag's behavior and 'Lauren Conrad the savior'?It seems that Heidi Montag thinks she’s too famous for the show that paid for her new face. Last week, Heidi was uncooperative at a promotional photo shoot for “The Hills,” refusing to be photographed with her co-stars (she’ll be Photoshopped in later) after arriving with a six-pack of bodyguards.

“It’s all true. She was sick and she didn’t even want to go to that photo shoot!” her doting husband Spencer Pratt told Us.

]]>Kristin Cavallari has filled in even more details. “No one saw her because no one was allowed to speak to her,” Cavallari tells E!’s Daily 10. She says Heidi’s behavior was “really disappointing” to the other women. It seems that she has seen Montag recently, though, because when asked about Heidi’s surgeries, she said, “Honestly, Heidi looks better in person.” Cavallari also noted that even though MTV has announced that this is the final season of “The Hills,” if it does well, “They could order 12 more episodes, and it is still the same season.” We’re pretty sure only one person could save this show, and it looks like Kristin is perfectly aware of that. “I hope Lauren Conrad comes back,” she says of her former “Laguna Beach” high-school nemesis. “I think it would be awesome if she comes back.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook and @cadlymack on Twitter for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. More drama from “The Hills”:

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