spencer pratt heidi montag 'The Hills' Spencer Pratt leaves show to fight cyber crimeIt just keeps getting more and more bizarre in Speidi world.

After Heidi Montag fired hubby Spencer Pratt as her manager (we still don’t know exactly what he was managing) and hired psychic healer Aiden Chase in his place, Spencer needed to find a job.

Well, he’s made up his mind, and it looks like the reality star we love to hate will be fighting cyber crime.

]]>People. “With this in mind, I have decided to take a break from my obligations to MTV’s ‘The Hills’ and discontinue filming any more episodes for this current season.” Yes, bizarre, but not totally out of the blue. Pratt has been studying software engineering with a focus on encryption at USC, and he says he’s headed to work for American Defense Enterprises in their cyber security division. His inspiration? Our president. “Upon learning of President Obama‘s declaration that the ‘cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation,’ I have decided to refocus my energy and devote my full resources to helping America face this and other unprecedented challenges,” says Pratt. So let’s get this straight. Pratt spends years on “The Hills” accomplishing nothing other than sitting around on the couch while Heidi goes to work and stirring up trouble in pretty much every life he touched (poor LC)… and now he goes all super hero and feels compelled to serve our country against “prevalent threats?” What gives? We smell a rotten publicity stunt. Futhermore, does anyone else feel the slightest bit uncomfortable that Spencer Pratt will be in any way responsible for our nation’s security? Yikes.

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