spencerpratt 'The Hills'' Spencer Pratt to change his name to "King"Spencer Pratt has been out of the headlines for too long and he just can’t take it anymore. 

His wife Heidi was recently in Playboy and made news for her unfortunate “musical” performance at the Miss Universe pageant a couple weeks back, but Spence needs his own publicity, and is wasting no time making that happen. 
The reality star, best known for his D-Bag behavior on “The Hills,” has launched the first of what is sure to be many more attention-seeking stunts to come.
He is legally changing his name to “King Spencer Pratt.”  

According to Access Hollywood, Pratt’s rep has confirmed that he plans to file the necessary documents this week.
“I have decided that if there is a Queen of England and Prince William, we need to have a King of America,” Spence told Access. “And I have nominated myself for that title.”
But will his bride legally change her name to “Queen Heidi”?

Perhaps so, after she beats him at the current Twitter battle they’ve waged against one another, both vying to reach 1 million followers first. 
Heidi is the leader as of this afternoon, with close to 570,000 followers. Spencer will have to make some sort of big move to pull ahead, having just 418,000 followers at this time. 
Perhaps his new “royal” status will do the trick.
Yeah, probably not.
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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh