Audrina Patridge confirms the rumors that that she’s dating Aussie BMX rider Cory Bohan. 

But she admits she sometimes has trouble understanding him. No, not because he uses big three-syllable words. C’mon. Be nice.

It’s his “amazing” accent. And the hard-to-decipher Aussie slang. 

Who knew “chewie” mean “gum”?

The “Sorority Row” filmmakers put the poor kid through the ringer in this “Scream”-style teen horror flick set in a sorority. Even her costar Margo Harshman was impressed at what a trooper Audrina was during her admittedly brief time on the set.

Not to give anything away, but in one scene, Audrina’s making love to her boyfriend when mountains of froth comes out of her mouth.

Turns out that was a disgusting mix of baking soda and vinegar. 

“I’d remember laying back on the bed, put it in my mouth and lay back and Matt [O’Leary] would come and we’d start kissing,” Audrina recalls. “There were some points when I couldn’t hold it in and I would just let it all out.

“But we just laughed.”

Bet Matt wasn’t laughing much.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead