Spencer Pratt ain't the only kid in his family capable of making headlines this week.

His baby sister, Stephanie Pratt, whom we met on "The Hills" a couple seasons back, is revealing her battle with bulimia in the current issue of US Weekly.

Stephanie says her issues began in 2007 after seeing a scene she shot with Lauren Conrad. Pratt says she was horrified by "how huge she looked walking over to Lauren." She also mentions an episode that was filmed in Hawaii, during which the girls were in bikinis. Pratt asked Audrina Patridge whether she looked better with her shirt on or off and Audrina said, On.

Poor Steph.

I mean, I know that last tale is a tiny bit funny… at least the way she told it, it is. But I can only imagine the amount of pressure a girl on a show like "The Hills" would feel to fit in… and fit into a size 0 for that matter.

But then I remember they're getting paid thousands and thousands of dollars to just hang out in L.A. and live their lives and I start feeling less sympathetic.

Is that wrong?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh