the honorable woman finale 'The Honorable Woman' finale: What did you think, will Nessa be alright?Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Middle Eastern spy miniseries “The Honorable Woman” came to a close Thursday (Sept. 18) with “The Paring Knife,” which saw the head of MI5 working to rescue Nessa (Gyllenhaal) from her captors after the blast in the West Bank in last week’s episode left her injured and taken hostage.

After both Palestine and Israel refuse to try a rescue mission for Nessa, Atika (Lubna Azabal) is sent in to broker Nessa’s release. But it’s all a setup by the CIA to try to kill Nessa once and for all. But don’t underestimate Atika. She kills Al-Zahid, rescues Nessa and goes out in a hailstorm of bullets.

In the end, everyone is present for Rachel (Katharine Parkinson) to welcome her baby into the world, but Nessa stands apart — a telling final tableau for the series. She flashes back to her kidnapping and you wonder if she’ll ever be whole again.

But there won’t be a Season 2. This is a stand-alone miniseries, so we’ll all just be left wondering about Nessa and her recovery.

What did you think of the “Honorable Woman” finale?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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