hunger games effie katniss 'The Hunger Games': Elizabeth Banks couldn't go to the bathroom with her Effie Trinket nailsBeing a Capitol resident in “The Hunger Games” would be ideal — who wouldn’t want to live a life of high-fashion luxury? — but for Elizabeth Banks, who plays District 12’s Capitol liaison Effie Trinket in the movie, the crazy clothes and makeup took a toll.

Banks tells Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show” that despite the tight outfits and intricate makeup, the elaborate nails were the worst part of her costume. “I had these huge bejeweled nails, and you can’t undo a button,” she says. “They are really cool, [but] completely impractical. I don’t understand how anyone can use those! I couldn’t use my Blackberry. Mostly the biggest problem was I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I had, like, ladies in waiting.”

Yes — she needed assistance when using the restroom. “They would hand me the toilet paper,” she explains. “They would have to unzip. The other thing is, I’m in a skirt you would think you could hike it up but no…They were too tight. I couldn’t get them over these thighs. They all had to go down and up and unzip and button. I had these undergarments holding it all together and very constricting… Good times, good times.”


Posted by:Jean Bentley