hunger games jennifer lawrence ew 'The Hunger Games' more photos: Plus, how Jennifer Lawrence became Katniss

After all the speculation of who will play the lead role of Katniss, in the “The Hunger Games” film, Oscar nominee for “Winter’s Bone,” Jennifer Lawrence won the role. The current issue of Entertainment Weekly describes her transformation and Lawrence talks about how protective she was of the books.
“I told [executive producer Gary Ross], ‘I totally understand if you don’t hire me,” Lawrence says. “But please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone, her face cannot be bada**. It has to be broken.'”
At 20, the actress showed a great understanding for the character and after a very moving audition, Ross offered her the role.
But, how do you change a pretty blonde Hollywood starlet into a starving brunette with a chip on her shoulder?

hunger games jennifer lawrence ew 2 'The Hunger Games' more photos: Plus, how Jennifer Lawrence became Katniss

The look: Lawrence’s hair was dyed brown and pulled back in a braided ponytail followed by plenty of sun tanning. “I think I just have to stay tan,” the star says of her new hair color. “Or I’ll look like the girl from ‘The Ring.'”
The training: Lawrence has undergone archery training, track work, stunt drills, and yoga to portray Katniss’ fierce skills. Plus, she would have to become lean, though not “gaunt” when shooting began in North Carolina on May 19.

The costume: Lawrence says she could care less about what she’ll wear when Katniss is presented at The Capitol before the games, but she was plenty involved with designing her arena outfit.
“I want to make sure I can run and jump and climb,” the actress says. ” I’ve been driving [the costume designers] crazy with the boots: You have to fix this here, you have to make it lighter here, you have to open it up here.’ The dresses I don’t care about. Just put them on me. It’s like Oscar season again.”
For more, pick up the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s transformation?
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