hunger games katniss peeta 'The Hunt' comes to The CW: Is this 'The Hunger Games' without the murder?When The CW announced its pickup of reality series “The Hunt” on Wednesday, critics immediately saw it as a move inspired by the success of “The Hunger Games” franchise. Described as a “thrilling one-hour competition series,” “The Hunt” sends young people in teams of two out into the wilderness without food, water, or shelter.


Twelve teams will go out into the wilderness to compete in an athletic game where they’ll have to rely on survival skills and hunting skills to “survive” without being captured by another team. They’ll endure harsh conditions, but ultimately, they could win a major cash prize.

While it definitely has shades of “The Hunger Games” tributes’ struggle to survive, without all the murdering children, it’s much more derivative of “Survivor.”

The CW also picked up half-hour reality series “The Perfect Score,” in which 12 players take compatibility tests to find out which of their fellow contestants is their ideal date. If they guess their perfect match correctly, they win a date and a cash prize.

Premiere dates for “The Hunt” and “The Perfect Score” have yet to be announced, but we expect them to feature in The CW’s summer lineup.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie