On tonight’s season finale of MTV’s coming-of-age comedy “The Inbetweeners,” dance chairman Will is determined to pull off a successful event to impress Samantha. Naturally, he enlists his friends to help him plan the evening — and, surprisingly, he manages to pull off a not-at-all terrible party.

Unfortunately, once they actually get to the dance, things feel less than spectacular. “It turns out a room full of people having a good time doesn’t feel that rewarding when none of them are your friends,” Will says in the exclusive extended clip above.

With Jay still mourning his relationship with Brie (who is more interested in Simon’s more age-appropriate brother) and Simon putting it all on the line to win Carly over, the mood is pretty melancholy. That is, until Jay takes to the dance floor. Just trust us — you’re going to want to watch this one for yourself.

Tune in Monday at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie