OK, what was up with Ellen Pompeo, Heidi Klum, Sandra Oh, Eva Longoria and Kate Walsh’s weird wedge-head hairdos?

According to one stylist I spoke with during arrivals, everyone was having an elegant ’30s flashback. Hence, actresses’ long hair was pinned up to approximate a tousled bob, then pushed  to one side for that effortless "oops" look.

But it didn’t work. Most of the time, it just looked as if Amy Winehouse‘s beehive had deflated on the way to rehab. And it’s probably going to look a lot worse by the time these gals land at the post-parties.Actresssan_kopal_14813411_600

I tried to count the straps on all the Emmy gowns on one hand. Okay, it took two hands. But that’s it. Strapless gowns officially ruled.

Hottest color?  Fire-engine red on Ali Larter, Mary-Louise Parker and Kate Walsh.

Mining for silver and gunmetal gray: Jaime Pressley, Chandra Wilson and Becki Newton. Into graphic B&W: Edie Falco, Sandra Oh, Christina Aguilera and Debra Messing.

I almost fell asleep watching the boring black pack that included Ana Ortiz, Kyra Sedgwick and Mariska Hargitay. Thank God Minnie Driver‘s retina-searing sulfuric acid yellow Donna Karan gown woke me up.

And Vanessa Williams’ mint-green feather duster was a hilarious carpet sweeper.

Let’s see how many of these dresses stand the test of time, which includes long limo rides and endless post-parties. I’ll be out and about tonight watching for fashion failures at the HBO Bash and the DirecTV affair. More fashion dish to come!

Photo credits: Are Ellen, Heidi, Kate and Sandra on their way to hairdo rehab? Hope so!
FilmMagic and WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead