183661692 The Jonas Brothers' Twitter account deleted: More breakup signs?

There is now one more clue that the Jonas Brothers are in trouble: The group’s official Twitter account has been deleted as of Thursday (Oct. 17). No one connected with the brothers or the group has commented on the situation.

The sudden disappearance of @JonasBrothers comes within a week of the brothers canceling an upcoming tour. At the time, a rep for the Jonas Brothers said that there was a “deep rift within the band, and a big disagreement over their musical direction.”

Although not as big as they were in their post-“Camp Rock” and Disney Channel days, the Jonas Brothers had seemed to remain close and were a popular act.

The individual accounts remain active, although there are no posts that comment on the situation with their joint account as of this writing. Kevin Jonas hasn’t posted since Oct. 1. Nick‘s most recent tweet came only one day later. Joe Jonas, meanwhile, was active as recently as Oct. 8 — and his last message was a retweet that mentioned the @JonasBrothers account.

At some point, however, it’s likely that the individual brothers will address the missing account and what it might mean for the group’s future.

Posted by:Laurel Brown