the killing 208 mireille enos 'The Killing': Internal turmoil threatens the investigationDon’t worry, Holder’s okay, but it takes a desperate search team one weary night on Native American soil to track him down, and the outcome isn’t exactly happy. Sunday night’s (May 13) episode of “The Killing” begins with the hunt for a missing cop and ends with a fallen one.
After enduring an epic beating from its gatekeepers, Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) lies broken and beaten somewhere in the darkness of an island reservation, and Detective Linden (Mirielle Enos) desperately convinces her department to send out the dogs to track him down. He’s found unconscious at the trunk of a tree, and immediately taken to the hospital, where his sister and her son cling to his side. While noticeably upset with Linden when she pays her partner an emergency room visit, Holder’s sister hands over the matchbook note from a casino maid who has details on Rosie Larsen’s backpack. She says Holder asked her to pass it along.
Linden, however, gets thwarted by her own people, as the Seattle P.D. doesn’t believe in self-guided efforts to solve a murder mystery nor do they follow a “by any means necessary” approach at resolution. Even though she’s able to pick up several key clues through her diligence Linden is forced to hand over her badge and then sends her son home to Chicago to be with his dad while she figures things out.
Meanwhile, Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) begins a misguided journey to scour through the onslaught of “tips” that came in following his announcement that he’d pay a life savings to anyone who could lead to an answer in his daughter’s murder. And Darren Richmond’s (Billy Campbell) flailing campaign makes progress only to hit another roadblock when voters demand corroboration for his alibi to prove he isn’t the real killer. He refuses, maintaining his innocence, and challenges his sidekicks to come up with a better option. In this process, Jamie (Eric Ladin) finds a gun hidden in Richmond’s possessions.
Linden later meets with the casino hotel maid, who reveals that Rosie wasn’t a prostitute, but a maid and a waitress at the resort. Even so, Rosie came to the casino on the night of her death for none of the above. She wasn’t on the clock, and had recently been paid, thus had an unknown reason for her appearance. The maid last saw her coworker heading to the mysterious tenth floor. 
For Linden and Holder (now recovered), the case will be about finding access to the hidden territory.
No word on Mitch (Michelle Forbes), her sister Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) or the anonymous man following Linden.
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