the killing 207 'The Killing': Linden and Holder get violently halted as they close in on a major leadThey had it easy for too long, and on Sunday night’s (May 6) episode of AMC’s “The Killing,” Detectives Linden and Holder are diverted from their target yet again, this time not by a bizarre clue, but a hard-hitting source of opposition.
The watchdog who was sent for Linden (Mireille Enos) gets slightly more detailed, though his face is masked by shadows and he’s not a recognizable figure. Parked in front of Holder’s (Joel Kinnaman) apartment where Linden and her son, Jack, have taken refuge, the cagey character is only the first in a larger counterattack that the officers will face as they prod further and begin to feel some resistance. 
After listening closer to Rosie’s final voicemail, the detectives’ turn to the casino, a sleeping dragon not wanting to be roused. Investigators hear the sound of construction buzzing in the background of the recording, leading them to believe a new wing underway at the gambling grounds may be where Rosie spent her finals hours. Michael Ames returns to the suspect list, as he’s already been linked to the casino on the evening of Rosie’s murder, and it was his company handling the renovations. In searching of evidence, Linden and Holder head to the casino island, a Native American reservation controlled and governed by strict tribal code.
Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) also gets questioned by the cops now that Ames is in focus, and Stan Larsen’s (Brent Sexton) kids accidentally divulge the news to their dad. Forced to admit she met Ames through Beau Soleil, the escort service linked to Rosie’s demise, Stan kicks Terry to the curb. Meanwhile, Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) realizes he needs the Larsen endorsement to win his campaign, and through some reverse psychology, coerces Stan to speak at his press conference.
At the casino, Linden and Holder divide and conquer, each running into fierce aggression by the alliance of Native Americans who rule the area. Linden has the first encounter at a burial site where she believes Rosie had been frolicking. The detective collides with a woman who owns and runs the land, and a few additional members of the tribe, and is verbally warned to stay off the premises. Inside the gambling site, Holder chats it up with a few hookers who lead him to the construction ward of the hotel, but he’s halted abruptly by the gang members, who aren’t as easygoing with smart mouth, as they were with his partner. The episode closes with Holder getting beaten nearly dead at a nondescript setting in the woods. 
Other highlights: 
  • Looks like there’s a housekeeper at the casino who knows more than everyone else. Before Holder gets dragged into the night, she slips him a note telling him to meet her the following day, and lets him know she was the one who delivered Rosie’s backpack to the Larsen doorstep.
  • Child services is not impressed with Linden’s work ethic, and they’ve come to claim Jack. Showing up at the hotel where the two have relocated, the outcome looks ominous, so she and Jack bail through a bathroom window. 
  • The colored drawing that appeared on Linden’s refrigerator in last week’s episode turns out to be one Jack drew when he was younger, and has been packed away for years. Whoever resurfaced the sketch knows the detective and her apartment well.
  • Stan’s speech at the press conference may not have been what Richmond intended, as a father’s rage over his daughter’s murder gets unleashed vividly on camera. 
  • Though Holder is lost and without arms, Linden is at least aware of the brawl. The gang answers a phone call to her partner mid-thrashing and lets her hear the sound of his pain.
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