the killing 'The Killing' recap: 1 900 FLAKES A LOTSince helping Darren Richmond perform everyday tasks for the rest of his life pretty much already defines Jamie’s sex life, it’s no wonder he calls Gwen up in DC for more details on the Councilman’s daily routine. The heartbreaking moment that follows pretty much sets Jamie up for a huge disappointment, especially when some well-placed barbs during the Mayor’s goodwill visit convince Darren his political career is over. One intimate embrace and a hell of a ****-fit later, Darren fires Jamie, the better to concentrate on going as insane as possible.

Terry realizes she’s losing control of the domestic situation, and possibly starts digging into her own sex-worker past? Meanwhile, Stan convinces Tommy to become a thug, buries Belko, and — once he realizes Yanik was the one that burned down Beau Soleil, using his own vans for pete’s sake — alienates the Mob pretty impressively…

With whom his history does not disappoint. As we learn from Sarah’s friend Corey — a flamboyant FBI agent with a penchant for RICO cases and a case of the mutual flirts with Linden — the price for leaving Yanik’s service was the murder of another junior member, Piotr Mikhailski, who was getting a little too wiseguy for his britches. A visit to his widow, Monica, yields some crazy behavior (by episode’s end, Monica’s dropping by Stan’s house in the middle of the night to tell him he deserved what he got, is how crazy).

Keeping mum about the fact that Jack’s father is suing for custody, Sarah otherwise lets Linden back into her prickly confidence — especially for Sarah, it’s pretty smoothly done — and they follow the tattoo lead, things start to get complex. After working the tattoo artist in juvie with her firsthand knowledge of the System, Sarah’s able to convince Tattoo Kid’s social worker to illegally hand over his file the same way:

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