the killing 'The Killing' recap: A Rosie By Any Other NameSarah spends the day assuming that Jack is just playing sick to avoid an algebra test, but of course he’s at death’s door, so when she finally comes to check on him, Jack’s dad Greg is sitting there in the dark expressing concern about her life, their child and her entire concept of parenting. To assume this goes anywhere other than directly into the crapper is to admit one doesn’t know Sarah Linden very well.

After a long day of Belko nightmares, biological tragedies, wheelchair awkwardness and yet more pretty ladies feeling sorry for him, Councilman Richmond is at low tide. Luckily, Plucky Young Jamie pulls some strings at the DA’s office and learns the truth: That somebody, obviously the Mayor, was behind the faked photos that got Darren arrested, released from jail, shot and paralyzed all in the space of about twenty minutes. Finally reinvigorated, Richmond takes up the cowl — and Jamie’s only too happy to get back into his Robin costume.

Outside town, Mitch’s ghostly girl turns out to be very real: A fistful of angry facial piercings and bad choices named Tina. After some pretty sad conversations and emotional keepaway, Mitch decides to save Tina from her own daughter’s fate… Becoming the most appealing and graceful she’s been in the history of this show.

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