the killing 'The Killing' recap: Ain't No Party Without No TrimAfter a visit from Linden and Holder, Darren Richmond agrees to meet with Chief Nicole to discuss getting her endorsement and/or getting them back into the casino to investigate the Tenth Floor situation. What Chief Nicole wants is tax-exempt status for anything she builds, even outside the rez, and what she doesn’t want is to hear any of his mess about Sarah Linden or Rosie Larsen. The meeting goes poorly, so Gwen calls the Mayor to work against his Chief Nicole alliance from the other end, revealing that he was one of the guys that raped her back when her dad was selling her out for political favors as a kid.

Mitch finally makes it to David Rainer’s house, played by the awesome Jonathan Cake, but after a long conversation about her tells Mitch that Rosie was planning to run away that night she died. It’s immediately apparent he doesn’t know Rosie’s dead, but takes much longer before it becomes clear he still doesn’t knows she’s his daughter. Mitch lets him stay ignorant on both counts, and thinks about coming home, but Stan’s got stuff of his own to deal with and doesn’t really feel like chatting with her about this stuff.

What’s going on with Stan is that Tommy — the older ****ty one, with the eyebrows — has been stomping baby birds to death. Stan takes the measured approach of slapping the hell out of Tommy, I guess in the hopes of provoking a psychotic break right there, but in the end their family only grows closer. Stan Larsen’s Father of the Year record continues unchallenged.

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