the killing 'The Killing' recap: "Anybody Ever Tell You You're White?"As expected, the mysterious passenger on the docks that night with Alexi was indeed Michael Ames — but these latest revelations about Rosie’s parentage call the usual presumptions into question, so Linden does some digging. Stan did, in fact, know that Rosie wasn’t his biological daughter, but never bothered to find out who her biological father was, which parental behavior Linden finds delightful, because she was raised by an ant colony.

(We find out babydaddy’s name, David Rainer, by episode’s end — but that’s all. So it’s not even a person on the show. Just some dude, some dude that’s probably Michael Ames’s accountant and sees the same hookers as Tom and went to college with Darren and gets his cars fixed down the street from Larsen’s or Babka’s or once was photographed getting a haircut next to some dude Terry Marek met one time at a Wienerschnitzel in 1986. Rest assured, Linden and Holder are on the case.)

Mrs. Ames assures them her husband — while a philandering, abusive creep — is not Rosie’s father, which is less comforting than it might be considering we have no idea what their deal is, still: Only that she was blackmailing him via text about some secret or another. After Holder messes with rapey little Jasper’s head about his virginal girlfriend possibly sleeping with his dad, the baby creepster goes off half-cocked on a construction site, but his dad beats him into telling the cops that he was the one that sent the text from her phone, so that lead dries up too.

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