the killing 'The Killing' recap: Don't Trust The MitchLinden and Holder ask Gwen to help them get a federal warrant for the Casino, since everything is so hard for them all the time, and she does help them, by threatening Senator Dad with telling people about that time she didn’t get raped or anything. Over at the Casino, Linden pretends she didn’t find the keycard, but she totally did! Which causes Chief Nicole to torture Roberta in a physical way — which was pretty horrible but also kinda great — and also call a mysterious person to say, “Sarah Linden secretly has your inadmissible keycard!”

Darren’s viral video with the poor black youth has him behind by only two points, so Ben Abani sets off to go bother that ex of Jamie’s who works at the DA’s office. This gives the Mayor ammo for his third mean visit to Darren in as many days, because now he knows the truth: Darren tried to murder himself, crab-style, rather than sleep with Gwen at a B&B. Gwen and Jamie are split as usual as far as what he should do about this latest thing, and as usual Darren abruptly stops caring about this thing he’s cared about for two entire seasons and just tells Seattle about how he nearly killed himself, which probably secures him the election, because this is and has always been the dumbest thing to be worried about.

Stan gets a buyer for his house right around the time Mitch finally comes home, so that’s a horrible ending to the day. But what happens in the middle is that he gets a visit from Janek and Alexi, who threaten him if he doesn’t kill Joseph Nowack — last seen getting arrested at the waterfront property back in October — so he tells Terry to start taking money for her prostitution instead of just fine crystal diningware, just in case she has to be their mom now, because he’s off to commit murder. (“Remember, Tommy likes torturing animals but does not like getting punched by adults. You’ll be fine.”) In the end, because Nowack has a baby, he just sends him out of town. Which pisses off Janek just enough that Alexei overhears about how Stan’s murder of his dad was Janek’s deal all along, and thus the Ogi Jun thing comes full circle and Alexei finally murders Janek.

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