the killing 'The Killing' recap: I CPS'd Myself!Even after being warned by everybody on the show — from his father-in-law to Sarah Linden herself — Stan Larsen still can’t quite believe that randomly offering a $12K reward was a dumb idea… Until he gets suckered by a psychic, who offers to act as a medium for his dead daughter, at which point he realizes he has done yet another crazy thing out of grief. Step One, Stan: Buy some lightbulbs. Maybe open a window or something. You can’t change the Seattle weather, and I understand that, but you can change the fact that your entire bummer family is Gollums.

Jamie is adamant that Darren Richmond come clean about where he was the night Rosie was getting murdered, but I guess he’s still thinking the stigma of mental illness outweighs the stigma of being a killer of little girls. Darren threatens the Mayor about the leaked photograph, and suddenly the Richmond storyline starts crossing back over into the waterfront projects/Wapi Tribe stuff. Also, Ben Abani is on the case as far as who leaked the fake photo, so that’ll get scary at some point. Or I guess scarier, since we already know this crosses back to the Polish restaurant guys.

Gwen sets up a meeting for Darren and Chief Nicole in the morning, he and Gwen have a mostly legit squabble about some things, and Jamie finds a gun in Darren’s drawer. Hopefully he will remember to bring that with him to the meeting with Chief Nicole, because I don’t know if you noticed this yet but that lady is hardcore.

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