the killing 'The Killing' recap: She's Come UndoneThat old Chief Nicole, here’s what she did: Knock Sarah out and then send her to the psych ward under a 72-hour hold, claiming she was attacked in the middle of Sarah’s suicide attempt on the tenth floor. Quite a clever plan! And Sarah’s no help either, acting generally paranoid and crazy about this whole “conspiracy” that is covering up the Killing and involves most of the other characters, and eventually gets her ass sedated real good.

Holder, horrified by her dopey fate and running out of time before the season finale, eventually gets Carlson to help him track down her psychiatrist… Who is Rick Felder, aka the most frustrated fianc� in all of Sonoma. So add that to the list of people on this show that are risibly unprofessional, which list now includes everybody that has ever been on this show.

Holder gets her out of there, shares a weird bro-moment where Felder officially pawns her off on him forever, and they ride off to find that key-card proving the Mayor was meeting with Ames and Chief Nicole the night Rosie was killed. Oh, he also does a mite of detection, learning that one of Janek’s mobster thugs was arrested at the waterfront property burying “Indian bones” that night, as one does, and Ames got him off the hook.

In case you were wondering when “stolen Indian bones” were going to become a factor in this mystery, yes, that time is now.

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