the killing 'The Killing' recap: Uncomfortably NumbHolder’s breakdown after learning he was a patsy for the conspiracy continues, in pretty wild fashion: He lies to his kid, creeping himself out, then ends up beating down one of his old dealers (and his mother) in a trailer park. Not content to let that be the trashily defining moment of his downward spiral, he hooks up with one of his gross junkie friends in the back of a car, and ends up wandering through traffic…

Which is where Linden finds him, after having put together his storyline from the last two episodes solely through, apparently, some expert guesswork and a ****load of squinting. The episode ends with him giving her the backpack, so I guess that’s important, but I’m willing to just believe whatever the show tells me without wondering about it too hard. I’m still kind of confused about who killed Rosie Larsen, to be honest.

Linden tries to set up a takedown of the Beau Soleil servers, which — after getting red-taped to death by the new Lieutenant — ends up just getting some shoestore arsonated by Cartoon Tattoo Person, who was driving Larsen’s van at the time. I know there were cameras involved, somehow this helped her track down some sort of a clue, but honestly I’m not here for the forensic work any more than these two fools are, so who knows if I came away with any clear picture at all:

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