the killing 'The Killing' recap: With Grave ReservationsThe scary gloved person outside Holder’s apartment — where you remember Linden has fled, due to poltergeist activity in her former squat — is Roberta the Chief of Casino Security. So there’s that. Man, those bitches are such bitches at that casino.

Anyway, Linden and Holder share an interest in butterflies, which — along with a report from HQ about the background noise on Rosie’s terrified call to Alexi — causes Linden somehow to intuit a connection between Michael Ames and the Wapi Rez, so she sends Holder to the Casino, drops Jack off at a brand new homelessness location, and heads to this place where she thinks Rosie maybe filmed butterflies one time for her Video Of One Thousand Things.

Gwen’s first big move as Richmond’s campaign strategist is to get Stan Larsen onboard, which makes sense, but she does this in a scummy way that dangles futile hopes for a reduced assault charge that will never happened. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Stan Larsen over the last season and a half, I suppose, it’s that he takes kindly to slights. Anyway, he asks for it in writing and when Gwen refuses, he figures out her game. So Darren goes to see Stan himself, charisma-ing him into joining the campaign in a fairly smart way, and then at the actual press conference Stan kind of makes it all about him and offers a reward for clues, then heads home to throw his sister-in-law Terry out of the house for being a crystal goblet ho.

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