the-killing-episode-3-numb-picturesAMC’s “The Killing” returned on Sunday (April 8) with a renewed mission to find the killer of Rosie Larson, but faltered in moving forward. 
Paralyzed politican Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) remains in his hospital bed, poking and prodding at his legs, determined to feel once again and rejoin his campaign. Meanwhile, Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) begins a solo effort to undo Detective Holder’s (Joel Kinnaman) malpractice, determined to find Rosie’s backpack and subsequently, her killer. 
The most interesting twist is in the Larsen household where a troubled husband and wife struggle to overcome the looming darkness within them. Stan (Brent Sexton) has drawn upon his old alliance with the mob to assist in uncovering his daughter’s murderer, and it’s beginning to seem as if the ring may have more of a role in the story than Stan realizes. As the patriarch’s past and present begin to merge, their twisted dichotomy is also impacting his future. It appears the mafia got involved with Rosie long before Stan enlisted their services.
Furthermore, as her husband pushes forward with his own agenda, Stan’s wife Mitch (Michelle Forbes), takes off on her own, leaving the family in the care of her sister and driving into the great unknown. She lands at a bar, orders a drink, and shortly thereafter, falls into the bed of a stranger. 
Though not without some measure of regret, this episode is all about relief – numbing – and dealing without actually dealing.
Other points of note:
  • Holder gets tempted by his old vices, and comes very close to biting the poisonous fruit. Holder almost pushes himself off the edge, making for a great awakening.
  • With the mob entangled more in the case, additional criminal activities are uncovered while others are covered up. Rosie’s link to the Beau Soleil escort service is the first to be erased.
  • Linden eventually tracks down Rosie’s backpack from Holder, and the duo reunites once again as the show draws to an end.
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