the killing cliffhanger 'The Killing': Season 1's mystery solved ... at the end of Season 2Those of you looking for an answer to the central question from the first season of “The Killing” — Who killed Rosie Larsen? — may have to wait until near the end of Season 2 for your answer.

The message from AMC and executive producer Veena Sud since the uproar over the Season 1 finale (we were squarely in the not-pleased camp) has been that the Rosie Larsen case would reach a resolution this season (the show is set to return in the srping). That hasn’t changed, but AMC had previously hinted that the case might be solved early in the season.

A rather more definitive statement comes from the Writers Guild of America’s magazine, Written By. At the end of a profile of Sud and the show, the magazine says, “For the record, who killed Rosie Larsen will not be revealed until the end of season two.”

Sud also says she and her fellow writers did not mean to make fans angry, but she’s also not backing away from the decision to tell the story the way “The Killing” did.

“Our intent was not to mislead or betray,” Sud tells Written By. “We talked about it. How could you not? We talked about the fans, and their passion, and all of the stuff that was being said on the Internet. But the bottom line is, we close the door and we’re a bunch of people in the room, and our job was — and continues to be — to tell the story that feels right by us.”

Posted by:Rick Porter