the killing season 2 finale 'The Killing' Season 2 finale: Rosie Larsen's murder finally solvedA flashback to the last day of Rosie Larsen’s life begins the resolution to her death, as AMC closes Season 2 of “The Killing” with the revelation of Rosie Larsen’s killer.

Big spoilers, right about now.

Let’s cut to the chase: Rosie’s murderer is Darren Richmond’s trusted campaign manager, Jamie, with the assistance of Stan Larsen’s sister-in-law, Terry.

Far from a barnburner, the moment fans had been waiting on for nearly a year came somewhat expectedly and with not a lot of juice to quench the lingering thirst. The finale began with Jamie’s (Eric Ladin) confession to Richmond (Billy Campbell), sparked in part by Jamie’s grandfather, who let the politician know his reliable sidekick had an alibi that couldn’t be corroborated. Forced to explain himself, Jamie fills in the details of the night, describing a meeting between himself, Chief Jackson, and Michael Ames; a scheme to win the mayoral race by pledging a deal to complete the waterfront proposal; and a young eyewitness who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
“It was an accident,” Jamie explains, a misstep spawned by a moment of a panic. 
Following a verbal dispute on the tenth floor of the casino, Jamie knocked Rosie out and dragged her to the woods in his car. Still alive, she escaped. After chasing her down, Jamie then bludgeoned her and stuffed her into his trunk.
He tells Richmond, “I was only thinking of you. … If you want to be a leader, you have to be willing to get blood on your hands.”
Shortly after Jamie comes clean, however, Detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) arrive, and a quick drawing of pistols leads to the Jamie’s demise.
The show then plays out a slow denouement, with everyone continuing to deal with their respective struggles. The Larsens move into their new home, adjusting to life after Rosie’s death. Richmond wins the election, and Gwen (Kristen Lehman) furthers her attempt to seduce him.
Toward the end of the show, the Terry (Jamie Ann Allman) connection gets resolved. A missing taillight on her car places her at the scene of the crime on the night of Rosie’s death. She was there, the police conclude, with Ames, her lover, who was meeting Jamie following the debacle. Unaware of whose body was lying in the car, Terry put the vehicle into drive, allowing it to sink into the lake so that Ames’ plan wouldn’t be thwarted, and the two could run off together. Of course their affair fell short, and in the conclusion, Terry is handcuffed and dragged away in front of her shocked sister and brother-in-law.
With all details now resolved, Linden, not surprisingly, gets her badge back. But the question remains as to how the show will continue next season — if it wil continue next season. AMC hasn’t said one way or the other yet.
The finale offers little to go on for a potential third season. The biggest hook is Mayor Richmond. Despite all that went down, he apparently joined forces with Ames and Chief Jackson, even going so far as to use his authority to clear the chief of any charges in the Larsen case. Similarly, she refuses to snitch on Ames, thus, all three are now in partnership and Gwen seems to be on the outs. 
Rosie’s short film, found in Jamie’s possession, offers a touching conclusion to her storyline, but not much is said for the future of the Larsen clan. 
And with all said and done, it seems Holder and Linden may be parting ways, though Holder gets a call about a new body discovered near the ferry.
That’s the extent of it. As for where the series will go next, looks like no one’s giving up clues.

What did you think of “The Killing’s” season finale? Did the resolution satisfy you, and do you want to see another season?

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