the killing season 3 poll 'The Killing' Season 3: Where should the show go from here?The Season 2 finale of “The Killing” wrapped up the Rosie Larsen murder, which you can read all about in our post-game analysis. We found the ending to be pretty satisfying – the clues about Aunt Terry’s involvement have always been lurking around, but that final twist was quite the punch to the gut. A tragedy of Grecian proportions. And the actors – Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton and Jamie Anne Allman – really sold the heck out of the confession scene.

But where is the show going in Season 3? The show wrapped up the Larsen family (obviously), but left a few cliffhangers that Season 3 could pick up on. The question is – do you want them to?

Linden and Holder are both wonderfully flawed characters and so interesting to watch, due in large part to Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman doing such a bang-up job. The Season 2 finale left them parting ways for now, as Holder goes out on a new case and Linden bows out.

We’re torn on whether we want the show to pick up with them again. As we said, we love both the characters and actors, but do we want to watch them on another case? Would we start to feel a sense of been-there, done-that after having watched them for two seasons?

The show also left things a little up in the air with newly-elected Mayor Richmond – he seems to be quite chummy now with the out-going mayor and Chief Jackson. But do we care enough to want to find out what’s going on there?

There are three possibilities that intrigue us for Season 3 – which is not a foregone conclusion, the show has not been renewed yet.

1. Linden and Holder get a new case
2. Holder gets a new case and is the main character this time. Linden is not around, so he has a new partner and new colleagues/suspects/victims to interact with
3. The show picks up with an entirely new cast in a new city with a new case

The reason the third option is so enticing to us is because the possibilities for re-inventing the series and perhaps gaining more viewers are huge. What if “The Killing” went all “American Horror Story”-style and moved the show to, say, Detroit or Philadelphia and brought in some big names to just do one season (or we guess two, though we would advise one season = one murder from now on).

We would miss Enos and Kinnaman for sure, but it would breathe a lot of new life into the show and if they got the right people, a whole new audience might tune in.

What do you think, “Killing” fans? Vote below in the poll and sound off in the comments.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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