hugh dillon flashpoint ctv 325 'The Killing' Season 3's Hugh Dillon 'wouldn't be surprised' by 'Flashpoint' sequels

Hugh Dillon is starting another television gig, but he’d be happy to revisit his last one.
The Canadian actor-musician plays a prison guard who matches wits with a death row inmate (Peter Sarsgaard) when AMC’s “The Killing” returns for a third season Sunday, June 2. Dillon’s trademark intensity also remains on view in his role as Sgt. Ed Lane in ION repeats of the elite-police-unit drama “Flashpoint,” which has finished its five-season run … but he hopes that show hasn’t seen its absolute end.
“It was one of those great events in life,” Dillon tells Zap2it about his “Flashpoint” tenure. “Just yesterday, I was talking to Sergio Di Zio, who played Spike on the show. It’s very much like family. Also, I learned technical things there that I could bring to ‘The Killing,’ things you aren’t even aware you’ve learned that you just bring to the next project.”
Back on Canada’s music charts as well for his reunion album with his group Headstones, “Love & Fury,” Dillon is gratified “Flashpoint” is “still on everywhere. We’ve got fans in the U.K.; there’s a CBS Action channel there that it’s now part of, and I couldn’t be happier.
“I’m hoping that they’ll come back and do a movie or two,” adds Dillon. “The network up in Canada (CTV, which also co-produced the show) loved it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if those movies are coming down the pike.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin