the killing 204 'The Killing': The man with the tattoo gets a haunting backstoryThe hunt to track down the man with the Japanese tattoo heated up on Sunday’s (April 15) episode of AMC’s “The Killing” with Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) and Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) uniting once again, almost as if Holder’s little cover-up escapade never went down.

Now with Rosie’s real backpack in play, along with surveillance footage from the Beau Soleil arson that revealed a mysterious new suspect, the police officers stake out the man they believe was behind the murder by studying his body art and connection to the Larsen family.

Stan Larsen’s (Brent Sexton) former and renewed tie to the mob front and center during this episode, both for the detectives and Stan himself, who learns his organized crime alliance was behind the destruction of Beau Soleil, and likely his daughter’s murder. While the mob men do not confirm or deny their involvement when Stan confronts them, they do offer a very subtle threat.
“If I were you, I’d forget this case with Rosie. It’s making you forget what’s important in your life, like the children you still have,” says Polish crime boss Yanek Korvarsky, as the tattooed runner boy quickly exits the scene. 
Meanwhile, Holder and Linden are not far behind, tapping into alternative resources, including Linden’s former lover — an organized crime detective who leads them to the inmate that created the Japanese body art. They also learn more about Stan’s past, and a murder victim from his mafia days. Seeking the fine details, they pay a visit to the deceased’s widow, Monica Kroll, who, not surprisingly, still holds great resentment towards Stan.
The momentum building, Holder finally spots a moving target. The suspect gets away, however Holder and Linden are led to his apartment where they uncover one highly incriminating piece of evidence, lodged within a book of Japanese anime — a sketch of Rosie’s marked-up face.
Other highlights:
  • Growing antsy and bitter, Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) decides to bow out of the mayoral campaign, as his immobility and frustration cannot be overcome quickly enough for him to recoup mentally.
  • Linden solicits her friend to pull the tattooed boy’s foster youth records, and he is revealed to be the son of Stan’s murder victim from the past.
  • No sign of Mitch Larsen (Michelle Forbes) in this episode, and the family is feeling the burden of her absence. Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) becomes emotionally strained, even lashing out at the boys when they misbehave.
  • Linden’s ex-husband, who had it out with her in last week’s airing, is now threatening a law suit to get joint custody of their son.
  • Richmond’s anger with the police may move elsewhere as his new focus is figuring out why it is they were so sure he was guilty, and who might have provided faulty information.
  • A vindictive Kroll comes knocking on Stan’s door, letting him know he got what he deserved.
All signs of Rosie’s killer are now leading to the mob, yet somehow that seems to obvious for “The Killing.” Tune in next week as the investigation continues…
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