the killing stan larsen 'The Killing' goes deep when 'Ghosts of the Past' surfaceIf possible, Stan Larsen gets a whole lot filthier in Sunday’s (April 22) episode of AMC’s “The Killing.” The character’s latest moves reveal a recovering Mafioso who may not have mended his ways in the first place. 
After getting a bitter visit from his in-laws, rightfully concerned about the whereabouts of his wife, Mitch (Michelle Forbes), and the toll the circumstances were taking on their other daughter, Terry (Jamie Ann Allman), Stan (Brent Sexton) decides to finally fess up to a lawyer. It’s a move driven by the desire to bring his wife back and find resolution in the death of his daughter, Rosie. Yet Stan soon realizes he’s facing three to five years in prison. Things get even more twisted when he returns home, walks into his sister-in-law’s bedroom, and begins to seduce her. The attempt makes it no further than a kiss, however, when they are interrupted by a private call on her phone. 
On the other side of town, Alexi, the kid with the Japanese tattoo and son of the man Stan killed, gets apprehended. While a tight grilling on the part of Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) does not lead to the boy’s arrest, it does divulge new clues in the investigation. In fact, Alexi and Rosie were not enemies but close friends. Alexi served as a confidante and protector for the girl, driving her every Friday night to the ferry to do her dirty work at the casino. He also details Rosie’s relationship with her parents, whom it appears she was the outs with. The drama concludes when Alexi tells Linden Stan is not Rosie’s real father.
All the while, Mitch remains in her hotel off the grid, engaging in a friendly rendezvous with a teen runaway and near-perfect foil of her dead daughter.

In political developments, though Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) has decided to concede his mayoral campaign, his strategist, Jamie (Eric Ladin), won’t let it go. The right-hand man accordingly taps into some friendly resources at the DA’s office, and finds a link indicating the residing mayor framed Richmond in the Larsen case.
Other highlights:

  • Terry’s definitely a part of the mystery game. It’s still unclear how, but she’s involved.
  • Watch out for black town cars. One of them contains the killer.
  • After listening in on a phone call Rosie made to Alexi the day she died, the detectives determine there was someone she was scared of that night, and she may have known her death was imminent.
  • Alexi’s tie to the mob is still questionable — assume this factor will play out.
  • There could be more to the story of the teen runaway.

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