benjamin charles watson the la complex 'The L.A. Complex' Benjamin Charles Watson   Tariq will return“The L.A. Complex” star Andra Fuller already hinted at the struggle for his closeted rapper character Kaldrick King during Season 2, but what of Tariq, his battered boyfriend? Benjamin Charles Watson tells Zap2it that although we saw Tariq leave Los Angeles in the premiere, he’s not gone for good.

“I’ll be back. That’s just how it goes, especially when you have an
ensemble cast like this,” he explains. “Everyone has to have their story time.”

While Season 1 mostly focused on Tariq’s journey as he tried to make it in the music industry (and found love instead), Season 2 will focus on Kal’s private struggle to come to terms with his sexuality — a topic that seems extra important in the wake of singer Frank Ocean coming out of the closet in early July.

“You need to watch because it’s an important story that hasn’t been told yet,” Watson says of the Tariq-less episodes. “Especially with Frank Ocean coming out, Andra’s storyline is going to be pretty awesome.”

Having seen the second episode, Zap2it can confirm that Watson isn’t being hyperbolic when he says that Kal’s storyline will be amazing to watch. That said, it’s going to be a long time before you see Tariq again — we’re talking months.

In the meantime, “I just want people to watch the show. It’s really good. A lot of twists and turns,” Watson says. Like what? “More sex. There is a lot of sex. Just watch some sex until I come back!”

While Kal recovers, what is Tariq up to at home in Montreal? “Tariq needs time to kind of get out of the whole L.A. thing and relax
and actually find somebody who loves him for him. He just wants to be
loved, really.”

Of course, he still loves Kal, but he knows he has to remove himself from that relationship. “It’s his first real
love, but he has to sign the [non-disclosure] contract. He’s done,” Watson says. But he didn’t need a contract to keep his mouth shut. “He’s not
going to tell anyone because he loves Kal so much. He’s not going to
out Kal whatsoever.”

What can we expect when Tariq returns? “Let’s just say Tariq has everything he wants, but there’s a little stumble that comes into effect. Right now, he’s done professionally. It’s all personal now. He’s out of that business. He’s done. He’s back home in Montreal, he’s settling for a little bit.”

As for the circumstances of his return to L.A., “somebody comes to find him — maybe one person comes, maybe another person comes,” teases Watson. But will it be Abby or Kal?

Are you disappointed by Tariq’s absence, or are you excited for Kal’s story to be explored? (Or both?) What did you think of the Season 2 premiere?

“The L.A. Complex” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley