cassie steele la complex 'The L.A. Complex': Cassie Steele on 'Degrassi' comparisons and bad auditionsDid you know that originally, “The L.A. Complex” was designed as a spinoff for Cassie Steele‘s “Degrassi: The Next Generation” character Manny Santos? The actress sat down with Zap2it to talk about her new show, which follows young actress Abby (not Manny) and her fellow Hollywood wannabes living in the same Los Angeles apartment building.

Steele tells Zap2it that the new show ended up being a little racier and a little more mature than her previous gig, where she spent a decade playing the same character. As Abby, she gets to be a little more vulnerable and even a little klutzier as a character.

“Manny and Abby are very different people. I think Manny is very confident and easygoing and loves her friends,” she says. “Abby is just so frazzled everywhere, headstrong. She’s so much more of a rollercoaster.”

In the premiere, Abby bombs an audition that was actually going pretty well by vomiting all over a piano — and the casting director. Steele says that although she hasn’t had any truly terrible audition experiences, she’s certainly

“I’ve definitely done a few things that I wish I didn’t do or come out
of an audition and realized my bangs were pointing upwards or I swore by
accident. It’s just too nerve wracking.

“She’s definitely really strong and I think that’s what makes her so
complex,” she laughs.

“The L.A. Complex” premieres Tuesday, April 24 at 9 p.m. on The CW. Check out Steele’s full interview below, and stay tuned for more “L.A. Complex” goodies on Zap2it!

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