the la complex krista allen cw 'The L.A. Complex': Meet Krista Allen's A list actress character, Jennifer BellThe latest character to join the Lux gang on The CW’s “The L.A. Complex” is a familiar Hollywood face — in the fictional world of the show, that is. You’ve seen actress Krista Allen before on shows like “What About Brian” and “Days of Our Lives,” but on “The L.A. Complex” she’s A-list star Jennifer Bell.

“She’s an a-list actress, and she is going through a big transition in her life,” Allen tells Zap2it while on location shooting at a Los Angeles boutique. “There’s so much going on, so she kind of has to do something drastic and a little sneaky.”

This little something has to do with our favorite Aussie fake doctor, Connor. “It’s something that could completely humiliate her if anybody found out,” Allen teases.

Obviously Raquel and Connor got closer during the Season 2 premiere, so Jennifer’s presence will not go over well with the Lux’s most bitter resident. “Jennifer doesn’t really know what is going on. She just thinks Raquel is just not a very nice person. She doesn’t really know what the deal is.”

The ever-knowing Raquel will make this new business deal a little riskier — she’s the weak link in the equation, says Allen. She could topple the scheme with one word. “She knows what is going on, and that is scary,”

Check out what else Allen has to say about Jennifer in the video below. “The L.A. Complex” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley