the la complex season 2 finale 'The L.A. Complex' Season 2 finale sets up Season 3   but do we need it?If the finale of “The L.A. Complex” Season 2 turns out to be the series finale, it’ll definitely be a satisfying ending for the Hollywood wannabes we’ve grown to know and love over the past 19 episodes. But that doesn’t mean we want to leave them behind!

The final two episodes of the show by no means solved all the problems in everybody’s lives, but it certainly left them in newer, happier positions. Abby left Hollywood to be with her new husband in Germany — we’ll see how long that lasts, but it was a happy sentiment. Nick and Sabrina were separated by geography while she left to film the Will Arnett sketch show in New Orleans and he stayed to improve his comedy. Although it’s sad they had to split up, it — and the Bat Mitzvah bunny — gave Nick the impetus he needed to really hone his stand-up act.

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Beth suffered a blow when her father forcibly took Simon back to the Yukon with him (the ol’ throwing him over the shoulder thing didn’t work, but getting Child Protective Services on his side did), but after some soul-searching (and a push by Cam) she decided to go to college — in the Yukon. Maybe she’ll transfer back to L.A. someday.

Connor went through some weird Scienetics stuff with his sister, but things were looking up for him at the end as he and Raquel shared a moment following the screening of their movie trailer. Speaking of Raquel, things were great for her after the screening — it went over well, and she and Connor seemed to make up. One problem — her new BF was busy getting arrested for the card scheme she was involved in.

Lastly, and most importantly, was Kal. Season 2 of the drama slowly morphed into the Kaldrick King hour. That’s far from a bad thing — and it’s the reason we were in tears by the end of the first episode. Kal leaned on his boyfriend Chris for support when Rook told him that Jest had stolen the hard drive with the Tariq footage, and then when his father eventually died.

Two crazy things happened at once for the rapper, but instead of turning violent and lashing out, he used his pain from his father’s death to reveal who he truly is, Frank Ocean styl.e. There’s no doubt Ocean’s public coming out (via blog, too) didn’t inspire the writers as they broke Kal’s storyline, which almost made it more beautiful. Either way, Andra Fuller‘s performance was amazing and we’re totally rooting for him. Unfortunately, Rook didn’t evolve as much and brutally murdered Jest in the final moments. You know your show is intense when a murder doesn’t even register at the top of the intense moments scale.

There’s no word on whether “The L.A. Complex” will come back for a third season, but our fingers are crossed it does. These stories are so beautifully told that we can’t help but want more. Still, if this is the end, we’re satisfied these characters have grown and evolved.

What did you think of the last Season 2 episodes? Do you want a Season 3, or were you satisfied with the ending?

Posted by:Jean Bentley