the la complex kal chris the cw 'The L.A. Complex' star on the surprising Season 2 finaleWhile the first six episodes of “The L.A. Complex” dealt with the complicated relationship between closeted rapper Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller) and beatmaker Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson), Season 2 has focused on Kal’s evolution as a gay man and his relationship with lawyer Chris (Jarod Joseph).

Zap2it spoke with Joseph ahead of the two-hour Season 2 finale (airing Monday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. on The CW), and the actor promises a very surprising turn to the story.

“Things are going to be addressed that haven’t been addressed,” Joseph says (how vague!). “It goes in a different direction that might surprise some people.”

Their relationship is a little surprising, considering that Chris seems to have little patience for Kal’s in-the-closet paranoia. “I think that in the lawyer community, being gay probably isn’t a cakewalk for him [either],” he says. “He can probably sense overcompensation.”

jarod joseph kyla hemmelgarn 'The L.A. Complex' star on the surprising Season 2 finaleAs we’ve seen, Kal has slowly opened up as their relationship progresses, so now that his father is in the hospital after suffering a stroke, he might not be too tough or proud to seek comfort from the man he loves.

“I think in Kal’s history he’s always been like ‘I got this by myself,’ …
but I feel like the last episodes have shown that Kal isn’t afraid of
vulnerability as much as he used to be, so he wouldn’t be too proud to reach out,” Joseph says.

He adds, “I will be there in Kal’s corner, but I’ve got to say specifically that viewers are going to be impressed with Andra’s work.”

That’s not just bragging about his costars — Joseph was a fan of “The L.A. Complex” before he snagged a role on the show and watches avidly every week. “I actually was trying to get on the show in the first season,” he confesses. “When the storyline came out I really wanted to do something like that because it doesn’t really come around on TV very often.”

Although nobody knows yet if “The L.A. Complex” will be back for a third season, you can catch Joseph on TV when he returns to “Once Upon a Time,” and in 2013 when he costars alongside Thandie Newton in the gritty cop drama “Rogue,” currently filming in Vancouver.

Posted by:Jean Bentley