trident made of dildoes the league seth rogen 'The League' Season 5 premiere: Ruxin quits for the 'Domination League'For the fifth season premiere of “The League,” which has moved from FX to spinoff channel FXX — get help finding FXX here — the guys and Jenny took off for Los Angeles for Andre’s “destination wedding” to Trixie. But of course they manage to squeeze in their fantasy football draft.

The best part of the premiere is that Ruxin, who earned the Sacko last year for finishing last, does not want to go along with the Sacko punishments, so he temporarily joins Rafi’s Domination League.

As with everything Rafi touches in life, the Domination League is terrifyingly weird. “It’s not the draft, we don’t have gerbils or hot sauce!” and “It’s exactly like the Hotel California!” Oh, and we’re with Dirty Randy — do not insult Don Henley.

One of our fantasy football team names is “Vinegar Strokes,” but we’re considering changing that to “Trident Made of Dildoes.”

Eventually, all is right with the world when Ruxin returns to the league. He does have to take the team they drafted for him, with a kicker and defense as the first two picks. But that probably pales in comparison to what happened to him after the credits rolled, with the Domination League guys chasing him down.

What did you think of the return of “The League”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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