the leftovers season 1 episode 8 liv tyler meg gr 'The Leftovers' Season 1, episode 8   'Cairo': Is this a dreamWarning: Major spoilers from
“The Leftovers” Season 1, episode 8, “Cairo” are contained in this article.

Kevin Garvey is starting to think maybe he is losing his mind and honestly I am beginning to think I am going crazy too as the episodes go on. So much doesn’t add up to me, and it makes me wonder if any of these experiences the characters are going through is actually really happening.

Jill is adjusting to a life where her father dates and confronts Nora about the gun she carries in her purse. When Nora tell her she doesn’t carry one anymore, because she doesn’t need to (because of the healing hug) Jill decides it would be best to break into her house and look for it. It somehow isn’t at all hard for Jill to find, which is mysterious enough, but the fact that she almost wants Nora to know she found it is the weird part for me. Then, even more baffling is when Aimee starts sticking up for Kevin too much, Jill calls her out for sleeping with her dad. Did she actually do it? I have been going back and forth in my mind if she actually did. This causes Aimee to leave the Garvey house and shockingly sends Jill straight into the arms of the GR. Whhhhattt?! Looking forward to seeing her hopefully get some answers from her mom.

We also find out in the episode why Meg is so troubled, her mother died a day before the departure, so her grief was hijacked. What I can’t figure out though is if Meg has fully committed to the GR or not, sometimes it appears she is following their rules and sometimes she is talking and wearing normal clothes — it’s baffling. I absolutely loved her freak out on Jamison though, because it was totally reminiscent of her Rex Manning breakdown in the legendary film “Empire Records.”

The craziest part of episode 8 however, is what happened to good old Chief Garvey. It’s so hard to wrap my brain around for some reason. So he apparently has these blackouts where he does crazy things — this time it is beat up and kidnap Patti and hold her up in a cabin in Cairo, NY. The weird dog man is there, of course, and tells Kevin this whole thing was his idea and he suggested the remote location because he used to go there as a kid.

Some big revelations come in the cabin. We now know that the GR killed Glady’s, and she was cool with being stoned to death by 100 stones, so she would always be remembered — insane. Patti explains to Kevin basically death is part of the deal and Laurie’s time is coming up — yikes. Most shockingly of all is that after Kevin saves Patti’s life when the dog man tries to suffocate her, she repays the kindness by taking her own life and leaving Kevin holding her bleeding body.

I am so confused by what I just witnessed and need some answers stat. Would love some insight on the baffling episode 8 and what you think is to come in the final two episodes of Season 1.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins