cast the librarians season 1 tnt 'The Librarians' Season 1 finale finally reveals Jenkins' true identity
What. A. Finale.

Sunday (Jan. 18) night’s two-part conclusion to Season 1 of “The Librarians” was absolutely as magical and charming as fans could have hoped for.

The first hour, “And the City of Light,” was a traditional “Librarians” episode featuring the team attempting to solve some sort of mystery — this time they were trying to find a missing person amid an alien invasion of sorts — while cracking jokes and rolling eyes, but the second hour, “And the Loom of Fate,” was when the real mystery started to unravel.

Dulaque — ugh, it’s always Dulaque — opens the doors to the Loom of Fate and what follows is, well, history unraveling and Eve traveling sideways through different timelines while running into Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel, all of whom have zero clue that the others exists and who all think they are the sole Librarian. Oh, and Flynn is there but he doesn’t even have any idea what a Librarian is and doesn’t believe that magic is real. Yup, things get crazy.

However, the alternate versions of themselves all eventually figure out a way to get Eve (and clueless Flynn) back to the Loom — they have to sacrifice their alternate timeline lives for it — and mend the Loom so they can stop history from unraveling. Of course, that’s not their only challenge: They also come face to face with a new — or rather old — version of Dulaque.

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Like many fans have theorized, Dulaque is none other than — drumroll, please — Lancelot Du Lac making Jenkins none other than — louder drumroll, please — Galahad. It’s not clear how closely “The Librarians” follow Arthurian legend, but if the show is mirroring the legend, then Galahad is Lancelot’s illegitimate son, making Dulaque Jenkin’s father. (Yeah, try and wrap that one around your brain.)

The final showdown sees Lancelot — who, fun fact, is played by Rebecca Romijn’s real-life husband, Jerry O’Connell — rant about bringing magic back while Jenkins fights him off long enough for Flynn to mend the Loom, which he does, of course. Once the Loom is fixed, Dulaque/Lancelot vanishes into thin air, which either means he’s gone for good or he’ll just come back later because this is “The Librarians” and anything can happen.

The best part of Jenkins’ reveal is that it’s also revealed that he’s basically had this entire ending up his sleeve since the first day the Librarians started working together. All of the relics needed to save Eve, defeat Dulaque and find the Library are items that the Librarians have retrieved throughout the season, meaning that Jenkins is probably the smartest person in the Library.

Kudos to you, Jenkins, kudos to you.

Posted by:Casey Rackham