connelly gi2 'The Lincoln Lawyer' and 5 more Michael Connelly books worth a readIn “The Lincoln Lawyer,” opening Friday (March 18), Matthew McConaughey brings author Michael Connelly’s Mickey Haller — an overworked defense attorney who works out of his car — to life on screen.

Check out the trailer:

Looks good, right? But fans of Connelly, who have long appreciated the former L.A. Times crime reporter’s neo-noir, would recommend you read the book first. We second that emotion and suggest five more Connelly books that would make perfect spring break beach reading. As long as you’re into serial killers, police procedurals and whatnot.

1. “The Reversal”: This one picks up where “The Lincoln Lawyer” left off, except this time Mickey Haller tries his hand at prosecution.

2. “The Black Echo”: Introduces Connelly’s most prolific character, LAPD detective Harry Bosch (as in Heironymous, yes).

3. “The Poet”: Jack McEvoy, crime reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, gets in over his head when he tracks one of fiction’s scariest — and most elusive — serial killers.

4. “Blood Work”: Don’t let the mediocre Clint Eastwood-fronted film adaptation turn you off. This book, which follows yet another new main character — former FBI agent Terry McCaleb — has a heck of a twist.

5. “The Narrows”: The Poet is back, but this time Harry Bosch is on his trail.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson