As per usual, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold return for Season 4 of TLC’s “The Little Couple” with a lot on their plate. This season, the two move forward on their quest to have a baby, try to finish getting their house built, their in-laws relocate to Houston, and they tackle a new business. Thankfully, the two have each other to lean on as they face all that’s going down in their lives.
“We both feel very strongly that we come first and television comes second or third,” Jen tells Zap2it. “Our careers also are up there. I think that makes it easy to prioritize what’s important. Bill and I met later in life and we both realize just how fortunate we are to have each other and we’re not going to let go very easily.”
We had a chance to speak with the couple recently about all that they’re taking on in the next season and what fans can expect.
You’ve all been weighing your pregnancy options for several seasons now. What’s going on now?
Bill: The exciting thing is that now we’re pretty close to that moment that everyone has been waiting for — including us, most importantly, us. So, while everybody else is wondering if we had a kid, we’re anxiously waiting for that big day when one of the doctors say, ‘Its official, you guys are pregnant,’ but we’ve had some good success. We have embryos now, which is good news… It’s been a bit of roller coaster both emotionally and physically on ourselves and actually we’re still on this season taping right now and we’re meeting with our surrogates for the first time this weekend coming up. 

little couple season 4 premiere tlc 320 2 'The Little Couple' season premiere: Bill and Jen talk babies, houses, and in laws

Jen, we think fans really respect that even though you’re a doctor, you suffer from the same anxiety someone without your medical knowledge would experience.
Jen: When it comes to my kid, my medical brain is like shut down and I begin to panic. Because no matter what my medical background is, you still have the same worries and fears and hopes that anybody else does. You know medicine is not 100%.
At the same time, you’re building your dream home and it’ll be totally customized for you. Can you tell us about some of the cooler aspects of the house for you?
Bill: We got a custom kitchen, so everything is nice and low for us. We got 24-inch counter tops all around. The style is definitely coastal, which is right in line with what Dr. Arnold is working for… We got a pool that we had made custom, as well. So it’s just two-and-a-half feet to four-and-a-half feet. So, Jen doesn’t need to tread water constantly from the moment she is in the pool. What else do we have, Jen?

Jen: The elevator.
Bill: Oh yeah, yeah. We got an elevator in the place.
Jen: Outdoor living with the outdoor kitchen. There’s a guest apartment where my parents are probably going to be living for some time.
How do you feel about your parents moving to Houston?
Jen: I’m excited about them coming, because I haven’t been this close to my parents since before college and living with them. So I’ve missed them, because of my training and school and traveling around for my education. It’s been a long time coming for me to be close to them again. And for Bill, he’s tolerating it all.

little couple season 4 premiere tlc 320 3 'The Little Couple' season premiere: Bill and Jen talk babies, houses, and in laws

Bill: No, I think it’s good. I think for much of your younger adulthood, you kind of get away from your parents and be on your own and show that you can do it all. And then as you get older and as your parents get older, you start to find out that you like a lot of the same things, they’re good company, and you get a lot of laughs. And it’s important for me to make sure that Jen has that time with her parents, because, as she said, she didn’t have a lot of time with them once she graduated high school. So, this is a good opportunity for her. And I get along very, very well with both of her parents.
And on top of all that, you’re starting a new business venture. What’s that about?
Bill: Yeah, I figured that I have about three hours free in the week [laughs]. We decided to open up a pet store, a pet shop in Houston and we’re going to have a web store and there’s also going to be some cool stuff, a little bit cooler than some of the generic garbage that you can have to strap on to the dog. And we’re going to work with municipalities, canine units, you know, different facilities like TSA, Homeland Security, regular police department and things like that. So, it should be a lot of fun, but we’re still in the infant stage. My father and mother-in-law will also be helping out on that part of the process. My mother-in-law is going to help out in our storefront in Houston. And my father-in-law has got a big background in retail sales, as well as the distribution aspects. So I’m going to start abusing them, bringing them on and getting their brainpower on this thing so we can make it move.
Season 4 of “The Little Couple” premieres Tuesday, May 31 at 10 p.m. on TLC.
What are you most looking forward to Bill and Jen tackling in the new season?
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