lonely island diaper money tour gi The Lonely Island debuts 'Diaper Money' video and talks tour dates

The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone) debuted a brand new song and video from their upcoming “The Wack Album” during Youtube’s Big Live Comedy Show Sunday night (May 20). “Diaper Money” is every bit as lewd as you’d expect from the rapping trio.
When asked on the red carpet about the possibility of a tour to promote the new album, they didn’t close the door on the idea. “We’re performing live tonight,” Samberg tells Zap2it, “But after that we have no idea.”
All hope isn’t lost though, as Taccone says, “We were going to be performing live a couple more times. But as of now, we are desperately trying to figure out a tour … and not yet.” Samberg chimes in, saying “Unconfirmed.”
“It’s really hard because of our schedules,” Andy explains, “I’m taking the hit right now, my show [“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”] just got picked up on FOX.” “No one cares,” Schaffer jokes, “He’s into old media, we’re like more the new media.” Samberg laughs, “I’m still here!”
So while no dates have been confirmed, it sounds like The Lonely Island is trying to put something together for “The Wack Album,” which is in stores June 7.
After debuting their new video for the studio and home audience, the boys performed the album’s other single, “Spring Break Anthem,” before being joined by T-Pain for “I’m on a Boat,” much to the crowd’s delight.
Check out the video for “Diaper Money” before, but be warned the language is very NSFW:

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