Former child star Corey Haim died of an accidental overdose Wednesday morning (March 10). He was 38.

This is so incredibly sad.

Before all the investigation into his life, his drug problems and his stalled career, The Dish Rag wants to honor his memory by posting this trailer for his finest film, “The Lost Boys,” a 1987 vampire movie directed by Joel Schumacher, a movie that paved the way for “The Twilight Saga” in many ways.

]]>“Lost Boys” is about love, teenage lust, friendship, family, trust, faith and oh yeah, fighting some bad ass vampires. The film that starred Corey Feldman, Jami Gertz, Kiefer Sutherland, Dianne Wiest and a very sexy Jason Patric, didn’t get great reviews from critics at the time. But then neither do the Twilight” movies and we all know how much we love those. We don’t mind admitting “Lost Boys” is one of our favorite films of all time. RIP, Corey. Follow Zap2it on Twitter, Zap2itJoseph on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news. More Corey Haim news Corey Haim dies of an apparent accidental overdose, police confirm
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead