white hewitt faris lost valentine 'The Lost Valentine': Betty White, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Sean Faris draw tearsSometimes you just need a little Hallmark Hall of Fame brand romance on a Sunday night. On Jan. 30, CBS premieres “The Lost Valentine,” in which Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a reporter assigned to profile a World War II widow, played by Betty White – who, by the way, took home a Screen Actors Guild award for best comedic TV actress on the same night.

The film centers on the Valentine’s Day theme — every year on Feb. 14, White’s character Caroline returns to the train station where she bid goodbye to the love of her life 65 years earlier. Caroline was pregnant with his child when he left – a child he never met, at his plane went missing over the Pacific.

As Hewitt’s character, Susan, tries to discover what really happened to the naval pilot, she finds herself in a love story of her own, with Caroline’s grandson Lucas (Sean Faris). Based on the novel by James Michael Pratt, the movie is, unsurprisingly, quite the tearjerker.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie