lying game large 'The Lying Game': Alexandra Chando teases 'Twilight,' hot guys & more mysteriesWhen “The Lying Game” returns to ABC Family on Monday, Jan. 2 at 9 p.m., don’t expect to know any more about the most secretive city in all of Arizona than you did when the first half of the season ended in October.

Star Alexandra Chando tells Zap2it that although more questions surrounding the show’s myriad secrets will be answered, you might not be completely satisfied. “Every question that is answered stems another
question,” she says. “So there’s always a chain of twists and turns.”

At the end of the last new episode, Emma was about to reveal the
truth — that she had traded places with her long-lost twin sister,
Sutton — when she thought she spotted Annie, the woman she and her
sister believed to be their mother. (That sounds complicated, but
believe us — that’s not even half of the crazy web of secrets these
people have woven.)

Instead, it’s a different Annie — Char’s
aunt, who now goes by Rebecca Sewell, played by “Buffy” alum Charisma
. “She comes into town and mixes things up a little bit,”
Chando says. “She has some ties, we find out, to Ted and Alec, which can
never be good. … I feel like we know absolutely nothing about her.
We’re not sure if
she’s a good guy or a bad guy. I have no idea. I still have no clue.”

Although Emma aborts her plan to tell Sutton’s family in Phoenix the
truth, she still second-guesses her decision. “I think she struggles with it all the time, especially having
that long
talk with Kristin in episode 10 where she is feeling so much guilt about
not being honest with her and having this false relationship. It’s
starting to wear her down a little bit and she gets
frustrated. She’s having a really hard time keeping up the charade,
especially when she starts to think something awful has
happened to Sutton.”

Speaking of Sutton, she doesn’t turn up right away in the premiere.
Considering her car is pulled up from the bottom of a lake, it’s safe to
say Emma, Thayer and Ethan assume she’s dead. But as the saying goes,
when you assume…

And speaking of Ethan, we’ll learn more about his character in the second half of Season 1. Chando says some of her favorite scenes are from an upcoming episode delving into his origins and meeting his father, whom you might recognize. “[He’s] played by Gil Birmingham,
who is in a little series called ‘Twilight.’ I don’t know if you’ve ever
heard of it, but he plays Taylor Lautner‘s father. We’re all very excited to have
him there.”

Other guest stars will skew a little younger, pushing the show well past its hot dude quota for the year. “We have a love interest for Mads coming on, his name is Misha Crosby, and then another gentleman to kind of shake things up with Laurel and Justin,” Chando reveals.

Obviously, like everyone else on the show they’re completely unattractive. “They’re awful-looking,” she jokes. “Terrible.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley