lying game finale 'The Lying Game' Season 1 finale: Alexandra Chando promises your 'jaw is going to be on the floor'Be prepared, “Lying Game” fans: star Alexandra Chando, who plays separated-at-birth twins Sutton and Emma on the ABC Family series, promises that the first season finale, which airs Monday, March 5 at 9 p.m., will contain a cliffhanger so intense it’ll leave your jaw hanging on the floor.

“I have to say that the last scene, the cliffhanger, is intense,” she tells Zap2it. “I read it and I thought I knew what was going to happen, and then I was totally blown away. I was shocked, so the audience’s jaws are going to be on the floor.”

While Chando’s characters — yes, she plays both twins, who are currently in the middle of a “Parent Trap”-style trading-places situation — have plenty of drama of their own, trying to figure out who their birth parents are and all, the finale will focus on two major storylines: Alec and Rebecca’s wedding, and Ted and Kristen’s (Sutton’s adoptive parents) marriage problems.

Since nothing can go off without a hitch, the wedding won’t occur without its fair share of issues. “Something is definitely revealed at the wedding,” Chando says. “As we all know, there’s something fishy going on with Rebecca, there’s something fishy going on with Alec, and the two of them are both maybe trying to play each other. And it kind of sends up some red flags, the fact that they’re getting married so quickly, and people start discovering that.”

As for the other situation, now that Emma’s discovered that Ted is actually the man Rebecca referred to as “the love of her life,” she’ll be more concerned with helping Kristin out than dealing with her own relationship troubles. “She actually comes to Kristin’s aid because she’s dealing with the Ted and Rebecca scenario. Now that they found the locket, that kind of comes into play,” Chando says. “In the last couple of episodes Kristin’s been putting things together, questioning Ted, and finally I think it all comes to fruition in the last episode. So for them, definitely some skeletons are going to come out of the closet.”

But Ethan won’t give up trying to win back his girlfriend after she discovered that he kissed her sister (his ex-girlfriend — yes, things are very complicated in Phoenix). “Ethan keeps trying and she is just resistant. As much as she wants to, for right now she’s a little bit resistant. And she’s preoccupied with everything that’s going on with Kristin and Ted and then the murder charges.”

What about Sutton, who tried to break Ethan and Emma up by pretending she and Ethan had slept together at his father’s ranch? Did she think she wasn’t going to get caught?

“I think it was just kind of an in-the-moment thing where she herself was hurt. Ethan told her flat out ‘Sutton means nothing to me,’ and I think hearing that, she kind of turned into her [old self]. I think she had a chance of maybe being human again, but after hearing that and not getting her own way and being hurt — she kind of put her walls down a little bit in the episode prior, where she tells Ethan she still loves him and everything, and she ends up getting hurt. So I think her walls are back up and she’s back in fighting mode. So I think that’s where that came from — from a really a hurt place.”

Those are fortress-strength walls we’re talking about. “I think it’s going to take a lot to topple them, definitely. I think she’s only going to get worse.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley