alexandra chando charisma carpenter 'The Lying Game' Season 1 finale: Can you believe [spoiler] and [spoiler] are [spoiler]?!?!Listen, a show called “The Lying Game” implies a certain amount of deception with the title alone. But the Season 1 finale packed quite a punch in the cliffhanger department — especially since right now, Season 2 isn’t officially happening just yet.

During the episode, Kristin more than any other vocalized what we’ve all been thinking as the show went along: “Why is it around here the first thing out of people’s mouths is a lie? Is it our city? Is it our families? Maybe it’s the water.” Preaching to the choir, sister. What the heck is up with the people on this show?

Well, we didn’t get an answer to that question, but there was on heck of a bomb dropped at the end of the night. If you thought Charisma Carpenter and Alexandra Chando looked identical, you weren’t alone: the writers did too. How else could you explain the revelation that Rebecca and Sutton have been working together all along, and that Rebecca is Sutton and Emma’s mother?!

If you’re not satiated by that info, you’re SOL, since that bombshell dropped in the last moments of the Season 1 finale and we won’t get Season 2 (which isn’t official, but is likely happening) until at least the fall. So between now and then, we’ll have this to ruminate on: Did you see it coming? And do you feel cheated at all?

Posted by:Jean Bentley