ryan rottman gi 'The Lying Game' Season 2 casts Ryan RottmanContinuing in ABC Family’s tradition of casting very attractive people on its television programs, “The Lying Game” is getting a new player in the form of Ryan Rottman.

According to TV Guide, the former “90210” actor is joining the cast as Jordan, “a handsome, athletic, confident teen from Beverly Hills who’s new in town and has a secret agenda.” He’ll recur throughout the upcoming second season.

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We’ll first meet Jordan in the Season 2 premiere when he’s in a motorcycle race against Ethan (Blair Redford). How rebellious!

Rottman formerly starred as Teddy’s boyfriend on “90210.”

Man, it’s so unfortunate that they can’t hire any hot people at ABC Family. It’s really getting to be a problem over there. “The Lying Game” Season 2 will premiere some time in the winter.

Posted by:Jean Bentley