lying game finale 'The Lying Game' Season 2: Not official, but likely shooting in MayAfter the heck of a cliffhanger laid down during “The Lying Game’s” Season 1 finale, frankly, it’s just rude of ABC Family to not let us know when we’re getting a Season 2.

ABC Family tells Zap2it that there’s nothing officially on the books yet as far as Season 2 is concerned, but when we spoke with stars Alexandra Chando and Adrian Pasdar ahead of the Season 1 finale, both actors sounded hopeful about heading back to Austin (which plays Phoenix on screen) to shoot more “Lying Game.”

“Officially, no, they haven’t said anything to us at all,” Pasdar says. “But I can’t imagine it not coming back. Can you? It’s a good show.”

Pasdar predicts the gang will reconvene in May for Season 2. “We’ve talked about the end of May, beginning of June. Right when it starts to hit its hottest months in Texas, we’ll go back. We were there last year–this is brutal. I think we had 79 or 89 days over a hundred degrees in a row. We were all saying as we wrapped the last episode, ‘Why don’t we just keep working until it gets hot and then take those three months off?’ But the infinite wisdom of the powers that be, they know far better than us about why. I don’t know.”

Chando tells us that she has very specific hopes for her Season 2 storylines, although she hasn’t discussed anything with the writers yet. “I don’t know anything story-wise as far as Season 2 goes. I’m kind of
hoping for — I feel like Emma’s
been in Sutton’s life for a while, and I’m ready for her to step out and
grow a little bit more of a backbone and kind of take on her own life,
if she can. That’d be really fun to see.”

And on a more spoilery note [STOP READING NOW if you haven’t watched the Season 1 finale!] we’d also like to note that Chando denied her link to Charisma Carpenter until the bitter end, telling us just before the episode aired that their resemblance was simply a coincidence. Of course, we found out in the last minutes that Rebecca is actually Sutton and Emma’s mother.

“Honestly, I think it’s a coincidence, and that’s my honest, genuine [feeling]. Because I know when they were casting they were looking at so many different people” she says. “They were looking at blondes, and they were looking at [brunettes]. I think it was more of a coincidence. They hired Charisma and then they realized ‘Oh wow, they actually look [a lot] alike!'”


Posted by:Jean Bentley