lying game season 2 pickup 'The Lying Game' Season 2 premiere date set ... maybeABC Family’s “The Lying Game” is definitely coming back in early 2013, but according to a press release that has since been taken down, it could be about as early as you can get: Jan. 1.

The network tells TVLine that a premiere date has not yet been chosen, but according to the now-removed announcement from Alloy Entertainment, which produces the show, Season 2 of the drama will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 1.

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The removed release also had the first six episode titles of the new season, which may or may not be accurate (but likely are, since this seems like a case of someone publishing a press release too early): “The Reverngers,” “Cheat, Play, Love,” “Advantage Sutton,” “A Kiss Before Lying,” “Much Ado About Everything” and “Catch Her in the Lie.”

Even if the rumored date is wrong, you can at least take solace in knowing that the show will definitely return at some point this winter. Star Alexandra Chando has been tweeting pictures on set, and Ryan Rottman has joined the cast as a mysterious classmate with a secret agenda. Naturally. That show’s full of mystery and secrets.

Posted by:Jean Bentley